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WOOF India List

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WWOOF independants in India

Find here the list of WWOOF Independents Hosts for INDIA
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There are more than 18 hosts registered in India. Some of them are mentioned below.
WWOOF India would be one of the newest organization in the WWOOF network which would be functional since 1 January 2007. So far, WWOOF India had been operating and collecting hosts through WWOOF Nepal. For this,
WWOOF India must collect hundred hosts and two-hundred volunteers by 1st January 2009. WWOOF India is to play a leading role in the world wide network of opportunities in organic and sustainable farming.

WOOF Himachal Pradesh

Host ID : IND037 SfCiNa8ArKyPhTtWgtcbLegDtnsH4Y5M4Z12B3-11E12-02
Kay Village Karjan; District Kullu ,
P.O. 175 136 , Himachal Pradesh , INDIA
Tel : 9816395755
Email :
Web :

Organic farm in the Indian Himalayas; growing all kinds of
vegetables and salads, ongoing change of apple orchards into organic growth herbal garden and flowers as well as seed production; drying and conservation 15.000 square meters of land plus orchards in a mountain
valley at an altitude of 2000 m. Season is March to November the organic agricultural project is flanked by a centre for alternative medicine, yoga and meditation and a centre for education of the local youth; Veg food available


IND003 SfCfNa8c3AdrKaPhTtWgatLeDtGcbXsaH7Y6M1Z3B1 - 12
Vijay & Kusum Shah
Rayan, Dist: Kutch-Mandivi , Gujarat , 370465 ,
Tel : (+91) (0)2834 288361
Fax : +91 (0)2834 222811 or +91 22 2413 2208
Email : Country : INDIA
LOCATION : 8.5 km from Mandvi
TRAVEL : Train to Gandhidham (can collect for Rs 100)
Family owned farm of 40 acres. Main crops: Fresh dates & Aloe Vera. We also grow some grains, pulses, vegetables,fruits and medicinal plants.innovative organic farming using bio-diversity, manures, seaweeds, botanicals and drip irrigation. Many different work areas. help needed throughout the year. Vipassana meditators are heartily welcome. 8 cows, 4 dogs. Speak English. Coastal town of Mandvi (8km) has tourist attractions.

Host ID : IND036
Legend :SfgCfNa2ArKaPhTtWgatbLeDtsXsaH8Y7M1Z6
Ishwar Singh
Parthampura - 391780 , Gujarat State , INDIA
Email :
Country : INDIA
LOCATION : Away from all civilization
TRAVEL : Local airport / railway station is Vadodara. Collection can be arranged.
Organic Farm located on the banks of a perennial river
in Western India. Main business is dairying supplemented by horticulture and other conventional crops. Help would be required in the fields of gardening, pruning, planting and maintaining the garden, milking, packing, other work related to the cows including grazing, building, masonry work, carpentry, painting, repair and maintenance of farm vehicles, in short a general overall help on the farm. SPECIALIZED GARDENERS are urgently required. Simple veg. food - no smoking, no drinking / other addiction please.

WOOF Uttarranchal
Host ID : IND004 SfgCfcNa10c30ArKaPhWgawtcbLeDtnH4Y6M2Z24
Jeevan Lal Verma
KSS Social Awareness Centre , PO Kanda, District Bageshwar 26363 , Uttarranchal 263631 , INDIA
Tel : 0091 5963 241081 Email :
Web :
Rose is a small grassroots non-governmental voluntary organisation dedicated to the sustainable uplifting of the rural poor. It promotes self reliance and self sufficiency, as well as social, environmental and health awareness. WWOOF volunteers practice traditional organic farming and are integrated into rural family farm life. WWOOFers can also become involved in various and numerous activities such as the construction, maintenance and repair of the house, path, compost toilet and bio-gas unit. Other projects are continually being devised and implemented when funds allow. We need WWOOFers who are interested in learning and respectful cultural exchange. They need to be caring, sharing, flexible, positive, adaptable, constructive, honest, responsible and have a sense of humour. There is a charge of Rs 350 which covers costs of food, accommodation, administration as well as allowing the continuation and development of ROSE's activities. There is also an initial RS 3500 registration fee. Concessions

Host ID : IND007 SgCcNa20c5ArcKyPthTtfWgawtcbLejDtXsaH3Y5M1
Swami Vinod
Swami Aman, 66/2 Pritam Road , Dehradun-248001 , UTTRANCHAL , INDIA
Email :
We are situated near the
center of Dehra Dun which is the capital city of Uttranchal, located at the foothills of the beautiful Himalaya Mountains, known for its natural beauty and medicinal herbs. We encourage alternative medicine through organically grown vegetables, fruits, herbs and other healing techniques like Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Pranic Healing. The building is 10,000 sq. ft. housed in land of 100,000 sq. ft. with orchards and gardens. We welcome WWOOF workers/ Healers/ Alternative Technology Teachers all year round. We would appreciate a little contribution towards food and stay, to suit your pocket. Your contributions help us to support some village schools for the hearing impared children and other charities in our locality. Varied accom. Children OK. Vegetarian meals. NO smoking or alcohol. IMPORTANT:Please write WWOOFING REQUEST in the subject each time you email us. Also please give complete details of name, age, gender, nationality, interests, experience etc. in first email.


Host ID : IND032 SfCcNa1AdrKaPiWgatLeDsGbXsH3Y5M2E0
Priya Vincent
Auroville 605101
Tamil Nadu , INDIA
Email :
Web :
LOCATION : green belt Auroville
TRAVEL : taxi, bus, cycle
Buddha Garden Community Farm is in
Auroville, Tamil Nadu South India. We are a small mixed farm and produce mainly vegetables and eggs. We have an educational program for eight local apprentices. As a volunteer you will become part of our
'community of learners' learning with and from each other. As a farm that is part of the spiritually orientated community/collective of Auroville our work has a spiritual orientation. We are concerned to produce food with a certain consciousness that feeds us on every level. We aim to work, learn and grow in consciousness together. We can welcome up to 10 volunteers who stay in locally made huts. For more information go to our website.

Host ID : IND030 CcNa2c1ArKyPhWgwtbLeDtnXaH4Y5M2
Yorit and Aviram
Auroville 605101 , TAMIL NADU , INDIA
Tel : 91-413-2677682 or 2677020 or 267020
Email :
Join a vegan home-schooling family in establishing a sustainable
community. Our main project is the reforestation of 70 acres of severely eroded land in the international community of Auroville. We are working to re-create the Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest indigenous to our area. We practice an eco-friendly way of life including veganism, organic gardening, alternative construction, solar energy, and composting toilets. Throughout the year, we welcome WWOOFers of all ages and physical abilities, and warmly invite families with children. Accommodation is free in exchange for 4 hours of work per day, 5 days a week. Free facilities include: bungalows, bicycles, a small book collection, a small swimming pool, a vegan community kitchen, and a children's playground. We offer an environment for personal development, yoga and meditation including a wealth of courses, workshops and treatments in areas, including yoga, meditation, tai-chi, shiatsu, water shiatsu, etc. 6 km north of Pondicherry and 150 km south of Chennai, South India.

Host ID : IND038 Legend :SfCfNa4AdcKyPhTtWgaLeDtnGctXsaH4Y5M2Z9
Kandasamy V
14 Sellapatti, Thiruvengadam , post, Kovilpatti, via , Tamilnadu PIN code;627719 , INDIA Tel : 0091-04636-264127
Email :, Country : INDIA
TRAVEL : Nearest internatioal air port is Thiruvananthapuram which is 236 km
from our home We have 8 ha cultivable land. Of this 1 ha organic farm, o.4 ha paddy field, o.4 ha irrigated vegetables and 0.2 pulses. We will convert the other land. Our house is 330 square meters with attached bio gas plant and cattle yard. At present we have some goats. Soon we will have some cows. Fodder stocks and compost pits are within 100 meters. Our house is fully electrified with fans. Only two big room ie dormitories. We have bicycles. We are getting domestic water from our nearby pump set well by pipeline. At home we are not smokers nor alcohol drinkers. Hence we request volunteers to follow this habit in our
home. More over we are occasional non-vegetarian during festival only ie yearly 6 to 9 times. In our village also public telephone booths and refrigerator are available till 9 pm. At Thiruvengadam mineral water available. In our village there are 600 people. Soon western style latrines will replace our common flush out latrine.


Host ID : IND025
Legend : CcNa40AdKaPiTtWgawtcbLegiDtnGcXsaH6Y7M1Z25
SwamiJasraj Puri , Village Jadan, District Pali , Rajasthan , INDIA
Tel : (02935) 274035, 274071
Fax : (02935) 274008
Email : Country : INDIA
Desert farm
Ashram Set on 500 acres in beautiful rural Rajasthan. Producing organic vegetables, grains and roses in an Ashram setting year round. Courses in Yoga and study of Hindi are running daily. Help
also required with reforestation works in July to November each year. Volunteers are also encouraged to work in our animal refuge. Visitors must be sober in their dress whilst staying to respect local culture. Visitors will be expected to observe celibacy in the Ashram and accommodation will at all times be single sex exept in the case of family with small children.

WOOF Karnataka
Host ID : IND033
Legend :SfCiNa4AdrKnPhTtWgatbLeDtGbXsaH5Y5M3Z6B5-12E1-4
Prathibha Nagvar
#146, 26th Cross, 3rd Main, Jaynagar 6th Block , Bangalore , Karnataka State , INDIA
Tel :
Email :
Web : http:// Country : INDIA
LOCATION : 1.5km off the main road, accessible by foot or car TRAVEL : Pick up from Bangalore International Airport
11 acre farm growing paddy, dals, vegetables, herding sheep and goats. Help needed during spring and summer in paddy, during winter in farm building construction. Prefer WWOOFers to write at least 1 month in advance. Trying out traditional farming techniques based on Ayurveda and Natural Farming.

Host ID : IND027 SfCfciNa15c65AdrcKyPhTtfWgawtcbLegDtnXsaH5Y5B10-6 BHAKTIVEDANTA ECO-VILLAGE
Tattva Darshan das
Garuda Guha , Kollur 576 220, Udupi District , Karnataka , INDIA
Tel : 91 8254 758313 or 91 8254 758340
Email :
Web :
Developing Self Sufficient Alternative Community, School   Orphanage, Cow Protection, Protection of Natural
Forest Reserves, medicinal herbs,
trekking. Strict vegetarians. No Intoxications. Serious people only. No costs for rooms and boarding when in exchange for help. Those interested in Yoga and spiritual life will be more comfortable but there is no such requisite.

WOOF Haryana
Host ID : IND039
Legend : SfCfNa4ArKyaPiTtWtLefgDtsGcbH7Y5M4Z16
Praveen Kumar Maan
3490, Urban Estate, Jind-126102 , Haryana , INDIA
Tel : +91 1681 245470
Email : Country : INDIA
LOCATION : Located in a village 16 Kms from a small beautiful city (where we live).
We have 5 ha. of land where we are growing herbal plants in organic ways. The produce is used in Ayurvedic medicines (Indian System of medice). Individuals who wish to contribute and learn during their stay are invited. Our farms are 16 kms away from city. You can go to farms in the car with my father. We also have poultry farms in our village. Our family is vegetarian but there are many nice restarurants around. The volunteer can stay at our house in the small city. Please feel free to contact if you want to know more and if you feel interested.

WOOF Maharashtra
Host ID : IND034
Michelle Chawla
Sogve Village, Taluka Dahanu -401602 , Maharashtra , INDIA
Tel : 91-2528-260220
Fax :
Email : Country : INDIA
LOCATION : Tribal Hamlet
TRAVEL : Train from Mumbai
13 acre farm at Sogve's village, Dahanu in
Maharashtra, India, close to Mumbai. Home to the indigenous Warli tribes, the farm is located in a sleepy tribal hamlet.
We grow primarily Chikoos (sapotas) along with coconuts, mangoes, etc. Besides working on
the farm, ours is also an opportunity to live and experience the culture of an indigenous tribe. We are looking to conserve the traditional rice varieties grown by them and would love to have people grow and document the seed. We also have cows and chickens. We can accommodate 4-6 people in cottage style huts with attached bathrooms.
Disclaimer: The list is obtained from secondary resources for the benefit of
users. Users are requested to validate the data and no reponsibility would be taken by the website for the information or losses using the information provided here.


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